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Wynes Family Law Inc

PO BOX 3104
CRESTED BUTTE, CO 81224-3104

Phone: 970-349-2861

Firm Description:

WYNES FAMILY LAW INC is located in CRESTED BUTTE, CO and employs 1 TO 4 people .

The firm has a sales volume in the range of LESS THAN $500,000.

Reviews of SARA WYNES

Review from Williams on October 09, 2018
1 (1 out of 10)


I am a victim of Domestic Violence and I hired Sara Wynes as my attorney to help me with my divorce and to fight for what was best for me and my baby boy. With the understanding that she understood Domestic Violence and the toll it took on victims ( decisions and choices come from a place of trauma, fear). I barely had the ability to fight for myself due to the amount of abuse I endured from my ex through the years and I needed her to look out for me and my best interests and the best interests of my son since I could barely do so. She did not do this. In the end I lost primary custody of my son and my ex got everything that he was wantied out of the divorce which included a very low buy out of the condo, all of the assests he wanted, the custody he wanted even the exchange point he wanted. I am left every day trying to fix things that were done in the divorce decree at least in regards to trying to do what is best for my son. I do not know how Sara is with other cases, but in regards to complicated divorce cases that involve domestic violence, I would not recommend her.

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